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Itzick Simon – Chairman and Founder

Expert in arranging various types of insurance policies for contractors, construction companies, property developers and investors, individually tailored to the unique needs of each project.

The experience and expertise that Itzick Simon has gained cannot be learned in any academic institution or insurance college because it is the direct result of countless hours on construction sites and not only in the office. Asides diverse experience, specialisation and expertise in the industry – Itzick also strives to be a service perfectionist and is constantly available for his clients.

This is probably the reason why the agency has expanded over the years to the point where we now service more than 1,000 construction enterprises and have arranged thousands of insurance policies for projects of different types, starting from the independent self-employed painter and decorator, medium sized firms involved in urban renewal projects through to some of the largest building and investment companies in Israel


Together with his team, Itzick is personally involved in formulating insurance portfolios for construction projects, liaising with the insurance companies to obtain creative solutions for insurance-related problems that arise in construction projects in general and in the field of urban renewal projects in particular. Itzick assists his clients in reviewing contracts and agreements with principals, planners, consultants, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors and more importantly of all – stands loyally by each and every client in the event of an insurance claim.
30 years’ experience in a diverse range of insurance roles have given Itzick and his team the professional tools they need to find long-term and immediate solutions to various unexpected problems that arise when they are least expected.
Our office therefore provides tailor-made insurance solutions for property developers, contractors and construction companies and we pride ourselves on the added-value we offer, such as:

✔ Extensive and broad insurance cover (including considering the most bizarre and rare types of claims one could imagine).
✔ A global view of all “cogs in the wheel” of the construction project.
The ability to devise creative solutions to problems that appear impossible to solve at first glance.
✔ A network of business connections and reputation with the insurance companies.
✔ A select team of experts working for the client, comprised of the full-time employees of the agency as well as external consultants in the fields of law, safety and accident investigation who provide ad-hoc assistance in ensuring the client’s rights under the Contractors All Risks policy are maximised.
✔ Hands-on assistance and guidance for the client at all stages from planning, construction, hand-over and long after.

The insurance industry, just like the construction industry, is intensely dynamic and subject to constant developments, changes and revisions to legislation and regulation.
For example, over the last few years the urban renewal sector has seen massive growth. In fact, Itzick and his team are in daily contact with some of the leading law firms in Israel acting for property developers or residents who are involved in drafting insurance and indemnity agreements between the various parties as part of National Outline Plan 38 projects and others.

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