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Adv. Shikma Levi Ezra

Adv. Shikma Levi Ezra is responsible for dealing with claims in all areas of insurance arranged by our firm.

The process of handling a claim starts with the notification from the client, following which the circumstances of the event are obtained in real-time and where necessary, an expert in the field relevant to the specific claim is appointed.

During the entire process of handling the claim Shikma liaises constantly with all parties involved in the process and updates the client on a regular basis concerning handling of the claim and risk management, all with a view to maximising their rights under the policy.

Professional knowledge and experience are two of the most important contributing factors to satisfactory settlement of claims and Shikma excels in both.

Shikma is a qualified lawyer and a member of the Israel Bar Association, holding a law degree from the College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan.

He previously worked for Pardes, Bar and Co., specialising in commercial and employment law.
Shikma has also worked for Clal Insurance Company as the internal ombudsman and responsible for dealing with legal claims, as well as for Menorah Mivtachim Insurance in a similar position, also being involved in auditing general insurance claim.

Shikma joined our firm in 2018 as the manager of the legal department of the agency and is responsible for handling insurance claims in all fields of activity.

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