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Section C – Employers liability insurance

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Liability Insurance

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Liability Insurance

Statistics showing that there are around 6,000 injuries and 50 deaths every year at construction sites around Israel emphasises the importance of obtaining adequate Employers Liability cover under Contractors All Risks policies.

We invest significant efforts in obtaining the broadest insurance cover at the lowest possible price for the client.

The daunting statistics are evidence of the fact that there are numerous hazards and unforeseen scenarios at construction sites.
It is therefore no surprise that insurance companies attempt to minimise the risks they are exposed to by imposing stringent protection requirements and preconditions to the insurance cover asides restricted insurance cover and onerous premiums.
We shall now address our unique methods of obtaining policies with minimum demands, exclusions and reduced costs, together with a brief explanation of Employers Liability insurance cover

What is Employers Liability Insurance?
(Section C of the Contractors All Risks policy)

The definition of the insured event: Bodily injury, mental injury or death to any employee of the insured, as a result of an accident which occurs during and due to their work in the project insured, as well as due to any illness or disease occurring during and due to their work. The insurance cover (according to the extended definition in the BIT policy wording) provides cover for liability in accordance with:
The Torts Ordinance (New Version)
The Defective Products Act - 1980

The insurance is designed to cover claims by employees against the employer for compensation due to injury, over and above the benefits they are entitled to receive from the National Insurance Institute, including compensation for pain and suffering, increased mobility costs, loss of income etc. – according to a court judgement or settlement.

To obtain a quotation for insurance cover tailored to your needs

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Itzick Simon

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For information or details about the type of insurance required, 

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Our knowledge and experience is your gain

This is where the first and foremost advantage of working with us comes into place as a leading insurance agency in the construction sector: Experience.
We have been specialising in construction insurance for the last 25 years and during this time we have seen, experience and learned a great deal about the complexity of the construction industry and the insurance cover required by the industry. By virtue of our long term experience we are able to individually tailor each Contractors All Risks policy to the project after taking a broad view of the project and identifying unexpected risks.

And no less important, the insurance companies have benefited over the years from our in-depth and methodical approach and they tend to accept our creative solutions that provide you with the broadest cover and most favourable conditions at the lowest price.

Further advantages:
The immense efforts we invest in collation information about the project with the aid of construction insurance experts, to analyse and identify the unique aspects of the project and its specific characteristics (bearing in mind that no two construction projects are identical), preparing a detailed schedule of predictable risks (as well as unpredictable risks which we have learned to identify over the years) has stood the test of time.
Based on this information, we devise creative solutions in an attempt to limit the quantity and scope of the exclusions as far as possible and obtain the extensions you need to achieve the most optimal insurance cover. 

Our experience is your benefit
✔  Insurance companies are quite often hesitant to provide cover for construction projects and we are able to allay their concerns since we have developed close working relations over the years with them and they rely on our professionalism, integrity and aptitude for proactive solutions to bridge the gap between their concerns and your needs.

✔  You benefit from truly extended insurance cover. The Employers Liability section under the standard Contractors All Risks policy does not provide sufficient protection for the needs of our clients. Bearing in mind that our clients needs maximum protection against surprises during their work, we place a special emphasis on tailoring the cover to include special extensions to provide optimal insurance cover.

✔  The important of competitive premiums. We have diverse professional tools to assist our clients in obtaining the best insurance cover at favourable premiums.

✔  We are here for you, at all times. In the event of a claim under the Employers Liability section of the policy especially in the case of an accident involving severe injuries, we are assisted by team of skilled experts to provide you with maximum protection and support. 

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