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באנר עמוד רז אוחנה

Raz Ohana

Raz is a seasoned professional with more than 12 years’ experience as a management consultant.

In his work as a management consultant, Raz has advised numerous businesses on maximising performance and unlocking their potential by employing diverse and unique processes, focusing on strengthening human capital and implementing advanced business development strategies.

As part of his work in the agency, Raz is responsible for business development including developing the various fields of activity and products of the agency, and he is also responsible for client relations, marketing and digital media, formulating work plans, developing the training programs of the agency and streamlining work processes in the agency.

Raz holds a bachelor’s degree in management studies from the Open University. He also holds a diploma in organisational consultancy from Tafnit – The Management School of the Open University, a diploma in personal coaching from Tut Communication and he is also a group tutor at Gishot College.

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