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Itzick Simon Insurance Agency

Welcome to Israel’s leading construction insurance agency.

Ask any one of the hundreds of property developers and contractors in Israel where you should arrange insurance and their reply will be Itzick Simon Insurance Agency.

We offer a one-stop-shop for construction, property investment and urban renewal projects such as National Outline Plan 38 projects.

Insurance for contractors in general with specific reference to Contractors All Risks insurance has been our speciality for the last 25 years, during which time we have acquired a diverse and reputable list of clients and no less important – a reputation with insurance company underwriters who have come to see, over time, our professionalism, integrity and creative solutions. The result – peace of mind that you have the widest cover available at a competitive price.

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Customer service charter

To obtain a quotation for insurance cover tailored to your needs

Please contact me directly
Itzick Simon

The 12 foundations of an optimal insurance portfolio

Our work process involves formulating a comprehensive package that provides maximum protection, with complete transparency and in full coordination with the client:

1. Tailoring the insurance cover and the policy wording to the type of business and the nature of activities.
2. Analysing the risk and the legal requirements.
3. Reviewing your contractual covenants and their impact on the insurance.
4. Determining the sums insured.
5. “Polishing up” definitions to ensure complete clarity and avoid ambiguity.
6. Reviewing the policy exclusions and risks that are not covered under the policy.
7. Discussing and defining strategy concerning your insurance, liability and indemnity clauses with the principals and subcontractors.
8. Devising an overall strategy and corporate policy as the basis for risk management in relation to all of the above depending on the financial abilities and requirements of the client.
9. Assisting lawyers in wording insurance and liability clauses, tailored to the chosen strategy.
10. Arranging the insurance cover as soon as possible, arranging for certificates of insurance to be signed and conducting negotiations where necessary with principals and/or lessees.
11. Ongoing support including following-up expiry dates of the insurance for each project.
12. Dealing with insurance claims as quickly and professionally as possible.

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These foundations can be summarised in a single sentence:
“Formulating the most professional and intelligent insurance policy in Israel”, which maybe sounds like an advertising jingle, but in practice our core service is manifested on a day to day basis in presence at construction sites and in the office, constantly liaising with the insurance companies and managing a team of experts who are available, all with the aim of enabling you to formulate the optimal insurance cover, assist you in the event of a claim in order to ensure your rights under the policy are maximised and provide you with ongoing professional advice, assistance and support.

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Our clients

Our clients include property developers, building contractors and real estate investors, all of who benefit from an array of products and services including Contractors All Risks insurance cover for building contractors and construction companies, commercial insurance for property investors, Products Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance, Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Third Party Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance; all of which are tailored to the unique characteristics of each individual project.

Add value

Formulating an insurance policy which is individually tailored to your needs is possible by virtue of our ability to take a “global” view, analyse the data at the highest resolution possible and conduct the most precise and rigorous preparatory work possible as the basis for arranging the policy.

Devising creative solutions for any insurance related dispute that arises, or gap between the insurance requirements and the willingness of the insurance company to provide cover. Quite simply put – creative solutions that lead the insurance company to agree to delete certain exclusions, onerous conditions and protection requirements and provide you with the very widest insurance cover available.

We are specialists in dealing with complicated claims and it’s enough to take a look at accident and injury data from the construction industry to understand how professional claims management is a matter of added value. Large or serious claims leave you in a playing field that you are quite unfamiliar with and they involve accusations, investigations and dilemmas. Therefore, if necessary, we can assist in arranging for a team of experts including insurance loss assessors, safety experts, accident investigators and engineers to guide you through the entire process and deal with difficult situations.

Professional guidance network

Every contractor knows that the period between winning a tender and starting the actual work at the site involves numerous negotiations: obtaining bank finance, drafting contracts and arranging insurance amongst other things. Fortunately, our clients can rest assured that they are not alone. The professional guidance we offer starts at the stage of planning the insurance portfolio and continues through the construction period and we available immediately in the event of a claim.

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The bottom line is that you are in a win-win situation from a cost-benefit analysis perspective. You benefit from our ability to obtain the widest insurance cover and also keep costs to a minimum simultaneously. As the leading construction insurance agency, we are bulk-buyers of Contractors All Risks insurance and just like in the construction industry or in any other industry for that matter – you benefit from the size discounts we obtain.

On a personal note,

Thank you for taking an interest in my agency and browsing my internet site. This page and the site contains extensive information about the agency, our extensive experience, our clients, our creative working methods and the insurance policies we arrange, but at the end of the day it’s important to turn words into action. I invite you to phone me whenever you wish for any advice or queries, or to arrange a meeting with a view to formulating an insurance policy with the widest cover possible at a competitive price.

Do you need Contractors All Risks Insurance?
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