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Organisational structure

The people who look after you and your Contractors All Risks insurance policies from A to Z

Behind every complex or straightforward insurance policy covering construction works or urban renewal projects (such as National Outline Plan 38 projects) there is a professional team that makes sure you have the maximum insurance cover.

We are ever minded of the fact that the construction industry is highly intricate and involves numerous risks and unexpected scenarios. Hence, the combination of in-depth knowledge and decades of experience in the construction insurance industry demands a multi-faceted approach and familiarity with insurance, law, economics, contracts, regulations, amendments to legislation and more.

There is no double that in order to provide first class professional service for the construction industry – you really do need a team comprised of people who are top experts in their respective fields.
That being the case, we would like to introduce our team:

Construction industry professionals at your service!

Our experts are at your service at all times, ready and willing to provide you with advice, guidance and do everything necessary in order to ensure you have the broadest insurance cover possible and look after your interests before, during and after each construction project.

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Itzick Simon
Chairman and Founder
Tel.: 050-5299480

efi cohen

Efi Cohen
Tel.: 050-5452515


גנית מיכאלי

  מנהלת תחום עסקים מורכבים

משרד: 03-6951414

Miri Levhar

Miri Levhar
Deputy CEO

Tel.: 054-6387600

Raz Ohana
Business Development Manager

Tel.: 050-3085152

רז אוחונה
ליאור אקאי.jpg

עו"ד ליאור אקאי

מנהל תחום ביטוחים הנדסיים
ועסקים גדולים

Adv. Shikma Levy Ezra

Adv. Shikma Levy Ezra
Claims Manager –
Legal Department
Tel.: 050-7243436

עומרי ניסני

Omry Nisany

Engineer in the legal department

Tel.: 054-5882964

שמוליקFF LR  .jpg

Shmulik Lebovich


Tel.: 054-4343293

Kathy Zisser

Kathy Zisser
Construction Insurance
Service Manager
Tel.: 03-6951414

ספיר בכור V2FF.webp

ספיר בכור

מחלקת גבייה

טלפון: 03-6951414

עומרי לביא .webp

עומרי לביא

מנהל תיקי לקוחות

טלפון: 03-6951414

Yoram Simon

Yoram Simon
Life and Pensions
Account Manager
Tel.: 054-7252590

לואיזה מטטוב .webp

עו"ד לואיזה מטטוב

מנהלת תיקי לקוחות

טלפון: 03-6951414

אורית חנוני

Orit Hanuni

מנהלת תיקי לקוחות

טלפון: 03-6951414

Ilana Samouha

Ilana Samouha
General Insurance
Service Manager
Tel.: 03-6951414

Lior Elkayam

Lior Elkayam
Customer Relations
and IT Management
Tel.: 050-6321488

Nava Simon

Nava Simon

David Modi

David Modi
Logistics Manager

Asher Asban

Asher Asban
External Safety Consultant
to the Firm

Do you need genuine insurance cover for your project?
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