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Commercial insurance for construction companies providing comprehensive cover at an affordable price

Numerous construction companies are also involved in other activity including property development and investments, as well as other side-lines connected to their core work in construction work.

Property investments, in a similar way to construction projects, involve substantial financial investments in major projects, both of which have the potential for substantial claims resulting in high compensation amounts.

Construction companies and contractors arrange comprehensive Contractors All Risks insurance policies for construction projects and usually invest significant efforts in obtaining the widest cover, which is not always the case when arranging insurance cover for property investments.

Complex insurance arrangements are required to manage the risks, control the budget and protect the balance sheet. All of this demands in-depth knowledge and the ability to arrange adequate insurance cover, which quite often involves significant costs. For this reason it is important to obtain assistance from a professional insurance agent at the early stages of the project.

To obtain a quotation for insurance cover tailored to your needs

loss of Profits


Employers Liability


Third Party

Liability Insurance



Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Insurance for

Holding Companies

Insurance for

Investment Property

As the leading agent in the field of construction insurance, we have a unique way of operating:

The commercial insurance portfolio we devise for construction companies is never uniform or standard. Each and every commercial insurance portfolio has its own uniqueness and complexity, and accordingly, each policy we arrange contains the widest cover and extensions tailored to the client’s specific needs.

How do we ascertain what extensions are required or the risks that should be insured? We conduct an in-depth risk analysis of each business based on 25 years’ experience. Furthermore, our work is not purely office-based and we conduct a visit to the premises of the client to obtain a full picture and understand your needs to provide the most professional insurance portfolio possible for construction and property investment companies.

 ✔ The insurance companies obviously have their own criteria and demands, and from our experience we have learned how to devise creative solutions to alleviate the concerns of the insurance companies concerning uncertain risks and thereby pave the way to obtain the most optimal conditions for you.

✔ We “shop around” to obtain the most competitive prices for our clients for a very simple and obvious reason. As the leading insurance agency in the construction sector our clients benefit from size discounts, and also benefit from an attractive commercial insurance portfolio covering all activities of the company under a single package, thereby creating a major advantage for the client.

ביטוח דירקטורם ונושאי משה

✔ Another aspect of the added value we offer is availability and professionalism. Our clients benefit from an open-line to obtain any advice or guidance and on-the-spot service in amending the policy or making revisions. Most importantly, in the event of a claim, we have an extensive team of insurance experts to assist you in maximising your rights under the policy and resuming your business activity as soon as possible.

Protections for financial leverage. You owe it to yourself, your business and no less importantly – for the future of your family.

In most cases, contractors and investors need obtain bank finance to invest in a project or tender. In such cases the property or the project itself is subject to a bank lien, and in some cases it is also necessary to mortgage private assets such as the family home or savings accounts.

There is no better alternative than life assurance to cover the unfortunate event of the death of the mortgagor.
In such a case the bank will seek to realise the collateral to cover the loan, and without life assurance, it will be necessary to sell the property.

The diverse range of general insurance policies covering investment properties and/or contract works do not provide for such an eventuality. This is a situation that places the ongoing operation of the business / company and its assets, and the family, at risk. This was the situation that applied in many cases in the past. But no longer.

Allow us the opportunity to devise a comprehensive package of protections to cover the risks arising from the financial leverage.

For information or details about the type of insurance required, 

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Property insurance for businesses and investment propery

Property damage insurance, or in the professional jargon “Extended Fire Insurance” is one of the most important policies forming part of an insurance portfolio for any business or property investment. This portfolio also includes Third Party Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance and other similar insurance covers. The term “extended” reflects the unique benefits we offer and our ability to obtain the widest possible cover for you at the most competitive price. The key words here are risk analysis and meticulous planning of all insurance policies, based on decades of experience and an excellent reputation with the insurance companies.

Third Party Liability Insurance for business and invesment property

There is a diverse range of scenarios and unforeseen events which exacerbate the important of arranging Third Party Liability insurance. For example, a fire can spread to neighbouring premises, people can fall down rickety staircases or suffer injuries due to maintenance defects and these are just a few of the numerous situations that can occur which will form the basis of a claim and the payment of compensation. We assist you to minimise and mitigate the insurable risks by conducting an in-depth analysis into your business and formulating a tailor-made policy that takes into account various factors such as the type of business, the vicinity and neighbours, legal requirements, planned construction processes and various other factors.
There are various other advantages that we can offer…

Employers Liability Insurance for construction company staff manual laboures and clerical / managerial staff

Construction companies usually employ various personnel working on and away from construction site itself and they all need to be covered under an Employers Liability policy.
In addition to building workers, construction companies employ staff in various positions depending on the individual needs of the company.
Furthermore, property investment companies usually have a management and maintenance team to handle their properties.
In all such cases, the Employers Liability policy needs to provide cover for injury, illness or death to the employees.
A comprehensive policy provides cover against unforeseen scenarios and in this regard we are at your service, based on:

  • 25 years’ experience in conducting in-depth risk analyses and formulating insurance policies.

  • Our reputation with the insurance companies as the leading construction insurance agency in Israel.

  • The creative solutions we devise to provide you with the widest insurance cover at the most competitive prices.

מבנה מסחרי

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