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Property damage insurance – if you need more cover at a lower cost, read on…

Property damage insurance, or according to the professional jargon “Extended Fire Insurance” is one of several policies forming part of an insurance portfolio for investment property and holdings, asides Third Party LiabilityEmployers LiabilityLoss of Profits and other associated insurance covers such as: Money In Safe / Transit Insurance, Fidelity Insurance, Machinery Breakdown Insurance, Electronic Equipment Insurance etc.

Let’s focus on the term “extended” since this is where our competitive edge comes into play, enabling us to obtain the widest insurance cover at the lowest possible cost for our clients. Another key term is risk analysis, the method of meticulously planning and formulating each insurance policy, based on decades of experiences and our reputation with the insurance companies.

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Why arrange your insurance with us?

Mishaps, damages and claims are a very common feature of the construction and real estate industries. Are you surprised? These industries are so intricate and involve so many different people and factors that it’s no surprise that the insurance companies underwrite Contractors All Risks Insurance and Property Damage Insurance for investment companies with such caution and consider each and every clause so carefully. Our client benefit from preferential treatment that is manifested in several areas:

✔ Formulating the ideal insurance portfolio for you. We have the knowledge and ability to devise an insurance portfolio for all of your property and assets including offices and their contents, sales offices, signs and billboards anywhere in Israel, real estate holdings, commercial and industrial property leased to others and any other business you operate. We are your one-stop-shop in devising a tailor-made insurance portfolio at the very lowest premiums available.
✔ Influence with insurers. The insurance companies prefer to avoid insuring certain types of risks. However, we often find creative solutions that can flex the attitude adopted by the underwriters who would otherwise impose onerous conditions and our long-term cooperation with the insurance companies pays-off. Over the years we have demonstrated our expertise, integrity, extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry and construction industry.
✔ The insurance cover – Here we manage to incorporate unique amendments into your insurance policy wording including more favourable extensions, asides minimal demands and exclusions by the insurance companies.
✔ Reduced costs: As the leading construction insurance agency in Israel, our word carries significant weight with the insurance companies which translates into reduced costs. But not only that, formulating a “smart insurance portfolio” for all of your property and business interests can save you considerable costs due to bulk buying power and this is all the more reason for bringing your insurance portfolio under a single roof.

אייקון נזקי רכוש

✔ Ongoing support – Formulating a professional insurance portfolio with broad cover at a low cost is only half of the job. After the policy has been issued in the event of an insurance claim we are here to assist you together with a team of experts comprised of insurance loss assessors, engineers and where necessary specialist accident investigators, all with the common aim of assisting you to recover and resume normal operations as soon as possible by maximising your rights under the policy

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Investment property and commercial insurance

Investment property insurance covers real estate holdings in various fields of industry and commerce as well as property developments, and can also cover corporate offices and their contents, sales offices and show apartments, billboards, commercial and industrial buildings leased to others and more. In order to reduce high insurance premiums, avoid double insurance and/or underinsurance and reduce the bureaucracy involved in controlling different policies with several insurance agencies and companies….

Products liability insurance – don’t complete a project without it

Seeing that Products Liability Insurance is designed to cover damages which can occur as a consequence of a defect in the “product” (the building you have constructed) or any part of it after it has been handed-over and it starts to be operated, there is a widespread view that any such problems can be dealt with on an ad-hoc basis if and when something happens. This is a mistake. Products Liability insurance provides long-term protection after completion of the project (The Sale Law stipulates a 10 year warranty period and in certain cases this can extend to 20 years) and it is wiser to arrange insurance than fate...

Employers liability insurance – did you know…

Every construction company employs office staff, sales staff and other employees, and even the executive management personnel who are not directly involved in any specific project need to be covered under an Employers Liability Insurance Policy protecting the employer against claims in the event of an accident, occupational disease or the like.
As the leading construction industry insurance agency in Israel we can offer you various options when arranging Employers Liability Insurance, with minimum exclusions and requirements at a reduced cost, in other words – the widest insurance cover at the lowest price

ביטוח נזקי רכוש - נזק שריפה

Third party liability insurance – for offices, commercial ventures and investment property

You never know when a catastrophe might occur. A rickety staircase, faulty maintenance, a fire that spreads from your property to a neighbouring property, or a water pipe that bursts during the night or over the weekend and floods the lower levels of the building….are just a few of the countless situations you are exposed to which can lead to claims for financial compensation. The only way to minimize these insurable risks to a minimum is to conduct an in-depth risk analysis and formulate a professional and comprehensive insurance portfolio with the aim of providing you with peace of mind and optimal insurance cover at the lowest cost….

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