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Financial benefits, broad insurance cover and smart policy management.
One of the characteristics of insurance for investment property and holdings is the diversity in the type of tenants, who are involved in various fields of business, resulting in a situation whereby numerous people are involved in handling the insurance portfolio – separate Property Damage policy for each property, a separate Third Party Liability policy for each type of activity, a separate Employers Liability policy for each business unit, a separate Loss of Profits policy for each division, as well as other individual Contractors All Risks policy for construction works, a Directors and Officers Liability insurance policy and more…

All of this is a recipe for high insurance costs, double insurance and/or underinsurance and a bureaucratic nightmare: the need to keep abreast of different renewal dates of each policy along the year, and a fractured insurance policy buying strategy due to the fact that several insurance agents and companies participate in your insurance portfolio.

Now imagine a situation where your entire insurance portfolio is arranged under a single roof with a single, experienced and professional insurance agent. Here are some of the main advantages:

✔ Centralisation – A single point of contact for the entire insurance portfolio.
Reduced costs – The larger the insurance portfolio – the larger the savings.
 Strategy – Formulating an insurance portfolio with a global view rather than of each individual property – thereby avoiding double insurance or underinsurance.

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Insurance for corporate offices, sales offices and signs

Even in the case of a construction company rather than a property investment company – the need for a streamlined insurance portfolio which covers corporate offices, sales offices and signs at all sites around Israel – can sometimes be a critical issue.
There are numerous examples of mishaps that can occur: A short circuit that leads to a fire, a sign that blows away in a storm and causes property damage or bodily injury, a guest to a sales offices who trips up on a rickety staircase and is injured – all of these are regular phenomenon, but at the same time regular and straightforward risks that need to be addressed and covered under a designated policy for offices, with the appropriate extensions of cover.

Other advantages which are no less important are the savings in the costs of the insurance and wider insurance cover for investment property and holdings and construction companies, all of which can be achieved by a professional insurance agent.

There’s no substitute for experience

As the leading insurance agency in the field of construction insurance we come with 25 years’ experience in exclusively handling various policies for the industry such as buildings insurance for investment property and holdings, Contractors All Risks insurance for construction projects including for National Outline Plan 38 and Demolition and Rebuilding projects, Delay in Start-Up (Advance Loss of Profits) insurance and Liability insurance.

✔  We have seen nearly every possible scenario over the years: The risks, the hazards, the mishaps, the accidents, their causes and the ways to prevent them.
✔  We have accumulated extensive experience in working with the insurance companies. We have devised ways to formulate creative solutions to persuade the insurance companies to provide the widest insurance cover, where other insurance agencies are either refused or are offered onerous terms.
✔  The insurance company underwriters place their trust in us by virtue of our integrity and professionalism and our knowledge in the construction industry and the insurance sector – and on this basis give weight to our word.

All of these, coupled with our approach of combining office work with site visits and conducting risk analyses in order to comprehend the significance of each and every condition in the policy or coverage extension – ensure you have a meticulously formulated insurance portfolio that gives you the peace of mind and the knowledge that you have the optimal cover at a competitive price. In a nutshell:

✔ Broad insurance cover. No single insurance portfolio for investment property and holdings is identical to any other. Each organisation, business, project and property that its own unique characteristics which create the need to consider the optimal way to obtain the widest insurance cover. Similarly, our extensive experience has shown us that certain manuscript wording extensions to the policy we have devised will provide you with wider cover and more favourable terms and conditions.

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✔ The most competitive price. As the leading insurance agency in the field of construction insurance we are a type of wholesale buyer of insurance and thereby benefit from more attractive prices which we can pass on to the client, this being in addition to various other tools we have to reduce your insurance costs which we shall elaborate on separately.
✔ Availability and support. We are here at all times, at the time of arranging the policy, during execution of the project and after it – to provide you with professional guidance and advice on your insurance portfolio. In the event of a claim, we can offer assistance from a team of experts including insurance loss assessors, surveyors, engineers, and where necessary experience accident investigators and lawyers to defend you in the event of the investigation into a severe accident. All of this in order to provide you with maximum security and peace of mind and ensures that the insurance company complies fully with its commitments under the insurance policy.

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Insurance for land ownership

The fact that the construction project has not yet started doesn’t exempt you from responsibility and liability for what happens on the empty plot of land you are planning to build on. It’s important to arrange insurance for land ownership since the very fact that you are the owner or occupier of a plot of land which is intended to be built on make you liable for any loss or damage to a third party. It’s enough for a bush fire to break out and spread to neighbouring areas, an old refrigerator that someone disposes of on your plot and causes injury to a child who enters the site to play….are just a couple of the numerous examples of accidents that can happen on empty plots of land. Your land? Your responsibility! It’s therefore worthwhile to insure yourself against all possible risks, at the minimum cost.

Third party liability insurance with the broadest cover

The range of scenarios that can be covered under a Third Party Liability insurance policy is very diverse and many scenarios are completely unpredictable. It enough for a bush fire to break out and spread to neighbouring areas, a maintenance defect or any one of numerous other accidents to expose you to claims which can cost you a lot of money. Unique tools we utilise include on-site risk analyses and meticulously formulating a policy that takes into account all of your exposures and needs, legal requirements and considers the various exclusions that the insurance companies include in the policies to minimise their exposure, all with the aim of ensuring you have the widest insurance cover at the lowest possible price…

אדם נופל במדרגות

Commercial insurance policies for construction companies

The general guideline for arranging commercial insurance for construction companies is obtaining the maximum insurance cover at the lowest price. However, the construction industry and property investment sector are subject to severe and frequent damages, accidents and events that lead to insurance claims, all of which lead the insurance companies to display caution when underwriting policies for property damage, Contractors All Risks, Third Party Liability, Employers Liability etc. This is where we come into the picture with the ability to provide creative solutions and offer unique benefits…

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