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Employers liability insurance. If you’ve insured the construction site workers – what about all of your other employees?

You have undoubtedly insured the construction workers at the building site under the Employers Liability section C  of the Contractors All Risks policy you have arranged. But what about all of your other employees who are not covered under the Contractors All Risks policy? Clerical and managerial staff, engineers (who don’t work at the construction site) and other staff working for associated companies or holding companies involved in other activities and the like. As you can imagine, there are countless examples of situations where employees are injured during their work, on and away from construction sites. If you have not yet insured all of your staff under an Employers Liability policy, we recommend you do so as soon as possible. If you have already insured them, it’s worthwhile to take a few minutes to read this article as it may save you a considerable amount of money.

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An offer which is a win-win situation

It would be worthwhile to move your Employers Liability insurance to our agency (together with your Property Damage and Third Party Liability insurance covers which are not part of your Contractors All Risks policy). The quality of service, professionalism and our ability to obtain the widest insurance cover for you bears true for Employers Liability insurance as it does for Contractors All Risks insuranc

Arranging all of your insurance policies under one roof can be advantageous since you can benefit from size discounts on your entire insurance portfolio and thereby reduce

✔  Less hassle – Many companies spread their insurance policies between different insurance companies and agencies. However, this split leads to a situation whereby each agent is dealing with a different policy which renews on a different date with a different insurance company. Imagine if everything was with one insurance agency?  Imagine how much hassle, stress and time you would save in dealing with your insurance affairs.
✔ More insurance for less money – Spreading insurance policies between different insurance agencies can quite often lead to a situation of double insurance or underinsurance since each agent is unaware of what the others have arranged and at what conditions. Thus, risks which should be insured can fall between the gaps and in any case the cost will be higher. On the other hand, arranging your entire insurance portfolio with a single agent will enable them to take a global view of all your business affairs and enable you to obtain wider cover at a lower price for all of your policies.
✔ Better service – You have no doubt already benefitted from the quality of service, professionalism, commitment and in-depth analysis of the smallest details we offer in arranging Contractors All Risks insurance and the added-value that emanates from this. You can benefit from the same level of service with all other insurance policies you choose to arrange with us.

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Insurance for investment property and holdings

One of the main characteristics of insurance for investment property and holdings is the diversity of tenants and fields of business occupying the properties owned by the landlord and the ensuing number of insurance policies covering different addresses and different activities. This is a recipe for high insurance premiums, double insurance and/or underinsurance and various administrative headaches such as different renewal dates over the year, different insurance portfolio strategies…

Property damage unsurance as part of an insurance portfolio for investment properky and holding companies

Property damage insurance is basically one of the policies forming part of the basic insurance portfolio for any property investment and holding company, together with Third Party Liability insurance and Employers Liability insurance, and other covers. The word “extended” is manifested in the exclusive added value we offer, enabling us to formulate the widest insurance cover at the lowest possible premium. Decades of experience and the reputation we have gained with the insurance companies has shown us how…

Third party liability insurance for industry and commerce, offices, property investment - inportant  information

Accidents, fires, mishaps and various other eventualities that we hope will not materialise are a matter of fact at construction sites as well as in office buildings and other businesses you might own including investment property, factories and the like. If the damages are limited to the owner of the property that’s one thing, but if damage spreads to third parties it’s a complete different ball game. The only way to minimise insurable risks is to conduct an in-depth risk analysis and formulate a strategy for arranging a comprehensive insurance policy including the widest Third Party Liability insurance cover available at the lowest price…

מסתכלים על פוליסת ביטוח חבות מעבידים

Insurance cover for land ownership

Let’s say you own a plot of land you are planning to use for construction. The plot is presently empty, there is no equipment or any activity taking place on the site but nonetheless it is advisable to arrange insurance for the land and the reason is simple: As the owner of the land you are potentially exposed to the risk of claims by anyone who enters the plot of land and is injured for any reason, or if a wildfire breaks out on the land and causes damage to neighbouring buildings. Furthermore…

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