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  Even if you think that your site is immaculate – you can’t completely avoid safety defects…

Construction site safety and accidents. Contractor or property developer – read on

The issue of construction safety and accidents features regularly in the media. It’s no surprise that there is average of 6,000 casualties, 50 of which are fatal, every year in Israel at construction site. That means an average of 20 per day. These statistics have a direct impact on the cost of insurance and the scope of cover that the insurance companies are willing to provide.

Whether we’re dealing with Contractors All Risks insurance, tailor-made policies for property developers, Professional Indemnity insurance or any other policy covering activity in the construction industry, everyone – the property developer, contractor, subcontractors and principals all have certain responsibilities and liabilities:

✔  To keep abreast of relevant laws and regulations.
✔  To be familiar with the issue of safety at work with specific reference to the safety in National Outline Plan 38 projects.
✔  To ensure that construction workers are properly trained and protected.
✔  To understand the chain of responsibility for safety at construction sites.
✔  To make contingencies to deal with serious accidents.
✔  To know how to act in the event of an insurance claim

To obtain a quotation for insurance cover tailored to your needs

Important information concerning construction site safety and accidents

Ignorance of laws and regulations is no excuse when it comes to prosecuting for causing injuries. Therefore, in the context of this article, we consider it appropriate to elaborate on these issues and others relating to construction safety and accidents.
For your ease of reference, here is a list of the subjects we have prepared for our clients and we invite you to click on the relevant links for further information.


אייקון חקר תאונות

The dos and don’ts which you should familiarise yourself with

Coping with serious accidents

אייקוןהתמודדות עם תאונות קשות

Knowing how to act in the event of a catastrophe

Chain of


אייקון שרשרת האחריות לבטיחות בעבודה

So that it will be clear who is responsible

Accidents at

construction sites

אייקון תאונות באתי בנייה

Essential information for all contractors and property developers

Articles on
the issue
of safety



and laws

אייקון מאמרי בטיחות
אייקון חוקי ותקנות רלבנטיים

Ignorance of law is no excuse

Ignorance of law is no excuse




National Outline

Plane 38 project


אייקון בטיחות בפרויקט תמ"א 38

Consider the outcome before you start

The residents rely on you to protect their safety

For information or details about the type of insurance required, 

please fill out the form and we will contact you shortly

Accidents at construction sites

The vast number of accidents at construction sites is well documented in the media. Workers falling from heights, cranes which collapses and many other situations result in dire statistics: More than 50% of fatal accidents occur at construction sites. The insurance companies are fully aware of these statistics and for this reason they underwrite Contractors All Risks or any other insurance policy covering activity in the construction industry very carefully. This is where we come into the picture…

The chain of responsibility for safety

The chain of responsibility for safety is the reply to the question – Who is responsible? This is one of the central issues that needs to be addressed in the event of an insurance claim, for obvious reasons: Construction sites are operated by various specialists, professionals, contractors, suppliers, consultants and the like and this situation creates the need to arrange for a single central mechanism to plan, implement and supervise all aspects of safety at the construction sites. To elaborate on this issue we have prepared a list of the regulations…

אשר אסבן באתר

Accident investigation

It’s incredible how quickly various “experts” arrive at construction sites after serious accidents: Officials from the Ministry of Labour, insurance companies, the police, lawyers and other interested parties. Some of them come to ascertain the cause of the accident and establish how to prevent recurrences in the future, and others come to ascertain who is at fault. Representatives from our insurance agency also visit the site in the event of a serious accident; the difference is that we are there to help you. Here is a brief but important overview…

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