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Insurance for national outline plan 38 projects with the widest contractors all risks cover

In the case of policies covering National Outline Plan 38-1 projects, the first and most important task from our perspective is to obtain the widest possible Contractors All Risks cover.

The reason for this is quite simple. Projects in the field of urban renewal in general and National Outline Plan 38 projects in particular are considered by the insurance companies to be high-risk projects as far as Contractors All Risks policies are concerned.
Both in the case of National Outline Plan 38 1-3 projects (Reinforcement of foundations and the addition of new apartments) or in the case of National Outline Plan 38-2 projects (Demolishing old buildings and rebuilding in their place), there is a long list of risk that characterise contract works of this type which insurance companies consider very carefully. For this reason the insurance companies ensure that each and every clause contains exclusions, subjectivities and restrictive conditions in an attempt to reduce their exposure to the risk. In addition to this, numerous protection warranties are applied which are designed to reduce the probability of claims as far as possible. From the perspective of the residents, special attention needs to be paid to the insurance requirements and they need to be tailoring them to the nature of the project.

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Here are a few examples of aspects of National Outline Plan 38 projects due to which the insurance companies consider all possible scenarios very carefully:

  1. Works in dense and busy urban areas, presenting an increased risk of bodily injury and third party property damage, especially when heavy equipment is used such as cranes, bulldozers and rollers.

  2. Performing works in a building which continues to be inhabited. In such a case the building itself is considered to be a construction site to all intents and purposes, inhabited by residents with no knowledge or training in safety or the use of protective equipment.

  3. Works to reinforce foundations or reconstruct foundations on a small plot of land have the potential to damage the building itself and also cause damage to neighbouring buildings and urban infrastructures.

  4. In many projects the need for insurance cover starts far away from the construction site itself. It is sometimes necessary to divert traffic in coordination with the police, thereby extending the “territorial limits” of the insurance policy.

  5. In light of all of the above, it is clear that the likelihood of exceptional and unforeseen events occurring is much higher than in the case of a Contractors All Risks policy covering a construction project on an empty plot of land.


We devise and formulate policies covering National Outline Plan 38 projects including protection warranties and requirements that can be practically implemented (which are also acceptable to the insurance companies).
As a leading insurance agency in the field of construction insurance, we are able to arrange a policy with unique benefits, such as:
♦ Significantly reduced costs
♦ A professional and experienced team
♦ Personal guidance and advice
♦ Constant availability and especially in the event of a claim

We are available at all times to assist you maximising your rights under the policy.
What are the unique aspects of insurance cover for each individual urban renewal project including National Outline Plan 38 projects in particular? Here they are…

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What are the unique aspects of insurance cover for each individual urban renewal project including National Outline Plan 38 projects in particular? Here they are…

National Outline Plan 38-1 projects

Formulating, devising and producing an insurance policy for a National Outline Plan 38 project is a daunting task due to the special risks involved in such projects and the high probability of insurance claims. The very fact that such projects create an unusual situation whereby a construction site is inhabited during building works exacerbates the concerns of the insurance companies which is manifested in the inclusion of various exclusions, subjectivities, special conditions and protection warranties. Another major risk that characterises such projects is the possibility of damage to the existing building during the construction works…

Insurance for National Outline Plan 38-2 projects

In most cases the construction of National Outline Plan 38-2 projects involves complex work in a densely populated residential area, which quite often necessitates closing major traffic arteries and obstructions to neighbours in the entire area. In many cases such projects involve demolishing a building with a party wall connected to another building. In light of the above, it is clear the insurance cover for National Outline Plan 38-2 projects is far from being a straightforward task, as one can imagine. Such projects demand a forward thinking attitude to the insurance cover.

Insurance cover for urban renewal projects

Urban renewal projects are impacted directly by several characteristics which are common to all projects in this area: Working on existing buildings: demolition, reconstruction or extensive renovations and reinforcement works, all of which involve work on inhabited buildings. All such projects are viewed as being high risk by the insurance companies due to the fact that the work is being carried out in dense and busy urban surroundings in addition to the fact that the construction works are being carried out in parallel to regular inhabitation of the building, all of which have an impact on the insurance that requires…


 National Outline Plan 38 project sefety

It is important to maintain, update and meticulously comply with National Outline Plan 38 project safety measures for many very justified reasons: 

First and foremost due to the special nature of such projects which are carried out in buildings inhabited by the residents during the construction works. Secondly, the foreman has not possibility or authority to supervise the residents. Thirdly, the residents have no knowledge of construction processes and therefore are unaware of the hazards lurking around. Therefore, beyond the personal liability of the managers and staff, this is a situation that needs to be addressed in two different manners by the principal…

In National Outline Plan 38 projects it is important to remember that official form 648 needs to be completed and submitted to the National Insurance Institute for each employee.

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