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A property developer without adequate insurance cover jeopardises their valuable investments.

The purpose of individually tailoring insurance portfolios for property developers is to provide complete peace of mind and release you from the risk of loss or damage during the entire duration of the project.

Enterprises in major construction projects such National Outline Plan 38, Demolition and Rebuilding, general construction projects and property investment enterprises all involve significant financial investments asides a high risk of mishaps and the subsequent costs.

It is therefore a “must” for property developers to arrange a tailor-made insurance portfolio that aims to predict damages to the project thereby protecting you against significant losses that can potentially lead to financial collapse.

That is precisely why it is important to bear the following points in mind:
All such projects are complex and involve building contractors, subcontractors, equipment, property, timetables, specifications, procedures, legal requirements, raw material costs asides unexpected price fluctuations, entrepreneurial risks, natural catastrophes, municipal bye-laws, safety regulations and various other intrinsic issues that need to be protected against with adequate insurance cover.

In light of the complexity and extent of unforeseen circumstances, we aim to ensure, as far as possible, that you have the optimal insurance cover to precisely cover you against the unexpected.

To obtain a quotation for insurance cover tailored to your needs

Our expertise and experience is the basis for formulating the optimal cover for you!

Based on our significant experience and expertise in the sector and the extensive knowledge we have accumulated, we are able to devise creative solutions that carry weight with the insurance companies. In turn, you benefit from significant advantages, some of which are:

✔  The widest cover – We formulate the policy and ensure that all gaps are closed by conducting in-depth negotiations during the underwriting stage rather than waiting until a claim occurs.

✔  The lowest possible price – We can assist you in obtaining a significant reduction in premiums for various insurance policies such as Contractors All Risks, insurance policies for property developers, Professional Indemnity or Products Liability as well as insurance cover for investment property and holdings.

✔  Complete coordination – Our in-depth familiarity with the construction industry enables us, on many occasions, to predict the unforeseen and formulate creative solutions tailored to each individual construction project.

✔  It’s not only us – We work with a team of experienced insurance experts and accident investigators whose findings assist in clarifying the circumstances of the claim, enabling you to exercise your full rights and have your claim fully paid by the insurance company.

אייקון ביטוח ליזם בין ידיים

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Constractors all risks insurance

A policy with three sections: Property insurance covering the actual works, Third Party Liability insurance and Employers Liability insurance. Every construction project has its own unique aspects and hence the basic policy cannot ensure you are fully covered. This is where our expertise and experience in the insurance industry and specifically in the construction industry comes into play.

Commercial insurance for property
developers and investors

Many property developers also have a portfolio of investment properties they manage asides their regular work as a construction company. This is a sector characterised by “big” things – big investments, big projects and naturally the potential for big claims. The complexity of the covers and the types of covers required to ensure adequate risk management demands an in-depth knowledge of the field and the ability to formulate professional policies which can quite often be quite costly.
Before it reaches us…

פועל בניין בזמן עבודה

National Out Plan 38 projects - it's your responsibility

The most common policy in the field of urban renewal and one of the most complicated and the nature of the works (being carried out inside of an inhabited building) increases the risk of mishaps and hence the need for adequate insurance cover. This is the reason why insurance companies are not usually very keen on providing cover for National Outline Plan 38 projects and this makes the process of obtaining insurance cover quite difficult and that is why we are here to assist.

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