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Directors and officers liability insurance. The risk is commensurate with the position.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is intended to protect you against your personal liability for financial losses, employment practices liability, claims by suppliers and others.

We refer to the professional name of this policy since it is also designed for officers in companies who are not directors such as managers of all levels, deputy general managers and anyone who reports directly to the CEO and the like.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is particularly important to arrange considering the increasing trend of claims being made against directors and officers personally.

An analysis of claims trends we conduct on a periodic basis reveals that officers, even in private companies, are considered to be easy prey by potential litigants and so without Directors and Officers Liability Insurance you could find yourself exposed to personal liability claims even if you have acted faultlessly and professionally, and thereby find yourself drawn into legal action, court hearing and costly legal expenses.

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It’s already clear that Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is by no means a standard insurance policy and the cover that such a policy provides varies depending on various factors: Your line of business, the type of position, the function of the director, the definition of liability and more. Considering that there is such a wide variety of factors, there is accordingly a wide variety of possible claim scenarios and unforeseen events. The big question is therefore with so many unknowns, how can a Directors and Officers Liability Insurance policy protect you adequately? That it where our added-value comes into the picture:

✔  Experience – You need an insurance agent with extensive experience in the sector who can conduct a risk analysis and formulate a comprehensive list of possible exposures and claim scenarios.
With 25 years’ experience in the industry, we have the know-how to formulate such a policy, together with other policies for the construction sector such as Contractors All Risks, Third Party Liability and Professional Indemnity. We can assist you is identifying the types of claims you are exposed to and therefore ascertain which extensions you should add to the basic cover.

✔ Size – The insurance companies also conduct a risk analysis and decide which exclusions to apply to the cover in order to limit their exposure. As a leading insurance agency in the construction sector, we have a reputation with the insurance companies and our word carries weight with the underwriters. We offer added-value and a competitive-edge in several areas: Firstly, the ability to limit the scope of exclusions and increase the scope of the extensions. Secondly, we are able to negotiate competitive premiums which we pass on to the client as significant savings.

✔ Availability – Our code of service also includes personal service and professional assistance at all times.

אייקון ביטוח דירקטרים ונושאי משרה

✔ All of the above are especially important when arranging Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, considering we live in a dynamic world with ever-changing business and corporate activity and it is therefore crucial to adapt your policy to such changes.

We are constantly aware, attentive and available for any query you may have and oriented to obtaining the optimal insurance cover to protect your future.

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Question: What protection does Directors and Officers Liability Insurance provide, why is it essential despite the fact that your Contractors All Risks and Professional Indemnity policies have been extended to include personal liability?

We have summarised examples of the types of claims that are made against directors and officers in companies that can be covered in a Directors and Officers Liability Insurance policy, as follows:

▶︎ Creditors and lenders – Alleging failure to comply with financial obligations.
▶︎ Suppliers and customers – Alleging bad faith negotiations, breach of contract and breach of authority.
▶︎ Employees – Due to unlawful dismissal, discrimination, failure to promote and the like.
▶︎ Government bodies – Due to breaches of laws and regulations, such as environmental protection laws (for example State of Israel v. Avco Chemicals [C.S. 4068-07], labour laws such as the Increased Enforcement of Labour Laws – 2011).
▶︎ Competitors – Alleging unfair competition.

To name just a few…

ישיבת דירקטוריון

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Third party liability insurance

ישיבת הנהלה

An asymmetric staircase, a maintenance fault, a fire that breaks out in your property and spreads to your neighbours, or a burst pipe that floods the lower floors….can expose you to large claims for major losses. Firstly, these insurable risks can be minimised at a very early stage by conducting an in-depth risk analysis and wisely and meticulously planning your insurance portfolio. Both of these “tools” are the basis for an insurance policy covering investment property and associated covers such as Third Party Liability and Employers Liability.

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