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Employing Palestinian and foreign workers

Every day, tens of thousands of Palestinians come into Israel to work in construction sites. Some of them are legal workers, some are legal but in breach of the conditions of their work permits in one way or another, and others are completely illegal. Employing Palestinian workers creates various challenges connected directly and indirectly to the construction industry.

Itzick Simon Insurance Agency, with more than 35 years of experience in construction insurance, helps their clients to stay on track, both by guiding them through the various aspects of Contractors All Risks insurance if they employ Palestinian workers either directly, or indirectly via subcontractors who bring workers from the West Bank or Gaza Strip to work in the client’s construction site. With knowledge of the complexity involved, we have prepared various articles and information which we hope you will find useful concerning insurance cover for legal Palestinian workers, the ramifications of employing illegal Palestinian workers and handling claims for injuries by such workers.

A brief guide to employing foreign workers and arranging insurance for foreign workers

Date 22.01.2024

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