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Third party liability insurance. Smart policy-planning for maximum insurance cover.

The diversity of scenarios that involve Third Party Liability insurance is overwhelming. Simply put – anything is possible…a crooked staircase, a maintenance defect, a fire that spreads from your site to a neighbouring property or a pipe that bursts over a weekend that floods the lower floors are just a few of the countless situations where you can be exposed to claims and significant compensation for damages. The only way to minimise these “insurable risks” as far as possible is to conduct an in-depth risk analysis and arrange a meticulously and smartly designed insurance policy.

Both of these tools – analysis and planning, are the basis for any insurance policy covering investment property such as Property DamageEmployers Liability and Third Party Liability. Proper planning takes into account all your assets, sites and properties, and aims to obtain the widest cover for all your activities in all of the properties. We also offer various exclusive added benefits that contribute to obtaining the result – maximum cover at the lowest price.

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The unique advantages that have earned us the status of the leading construction insurance agency in Israel

The first and foremost advantage which is the basis for everything else is experience. Mishaps, damages and claims are regular occurrences in the construction and property industry. In order to ascertain the risks you need to be covered against, you need to gain long-term experience in handling projects of this type. We have accumulated 25 years’ experience integrating assiduous office work and issuing policies with considerable time on construction sites, enabling us to conduct an accurate risk analysis and identify the risks and hazards that typify each stage of the construction process and understand insurance clauses and requirements – in other words how to formulate the insurance policy tailored to your exact needs.

Our clients benefit from our extensive experience, professionalism and in-depth understanding of the construction industry and the insurance sector

✔ Formulating a commercial insurance portfolio. We have the knowledge and ability to formulate an insurance portfolio adequately covering your assets and properties: Corporate offices and contents, sales offices, show apartments and their contents, signs and billboards anywhere in Israel, real estate holdings, commercial and industrial leased to others and any other business you operate. We are experts in devising a comprehensive package of insurance covers at the very lowest price.
✔ Influence with the insurance companies. Due to the quite often high risks that characterise the construction and investment property industries, it is quite clear that the insurance companies are not always keen on providing certain covers. Nonetheless, our word carries weight with the insurance company underwriters and they are willing to open doors for us based on our long term relations and the professionalism, integrity and trust we display in our dealings with the insurance companies.
✔ The insurance cover. There is a standard Third Party Liability insurance policy and there is our extended policy which contains manuscript wording amendments, more extensions, wider and more favourable conditions and no less important – minimum demands by the insurance companies.
✔ Reduced costs: The phrase “The leading construction insurance agency in Israel” translates into action: As a leading insurance agency we are a wholesale buyer of insurance and therefore benefit from significant price discounts which we can pass on to our clients as competitive premiums without compromising the scope of insurance cover.

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✔ Best and personal service. Wide insurance cover is fine, reduced costs are excellent, but that’s not where the buck stops. We continue to advise you and provide you with professional guidance and support in the event of an insurance claim. We work together with a team of experts including insurance loss assessors, surveyors, engineers, and where necessary specialist accident investigators, all with the aim of ensuring that the insurance company complies with its duties under the policy to the last word.

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Insurance for investment property and holdings

One of the main characteristics of insurance for investment property and holdings is the diversity of tenants and fields of business occupying the properties owned by the landlord and the ensuing number of insurance policies covering different addresses and different activities. This is a recipe for high insurance premiums, double insurance and/or underinsurance and various administrative headaches such as different renewal dates over the year, different insurance portfolio strategies…

Products liabilith eith a forword-looking approch

Products Liability insurance is designed to cover damages which arise from defects in the product (in the case of construction – the building itself) or any part of it after the project has been handed-over and it starts to be used. If the risk of damage occurring long after completion of the project seems like a remote possibility, think again! There are numerous scenarios of damages that can arise long after the Contractors All Risks or Professional Indemnity insurance policies and any other insurance you have arranged for the actual construction period have expired and for this very reason it is important to arrange a Products Liability policy to protect you in the years after the project has been completed…

קבלן עם פוליסת ביטוח צד שלישי

Insurance for land ownership - before construction works commence and in general

You might ask: If the construction project has not yet started, why it is so important to insure the land? There is no equipment, raw materials, no contractors or labourers present, just an empty plot of land, so what do you need to insure? Your liability as the owner of the land to any third party who enters the plot either accidentally, incidentally or in preparation for future construction works.

A wildfire that starts on your land and spreads to neighbouring buildings could expose you to significant claims. If it’s your land, it’s your responsibility!

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