Lior Alkayam – Customer Liaison and Media Manager

Lior bears overall responsibility for the IT sector in the agency and coordinates all professional personnel involved in handling the processes of branding the agency and furthering its status as the leading insurance agency in the construction industry, operating the internet site, managing the customer relations network and the Facebook page of the firm. Lior is also responsible for maintaining and developing IT tools.

Lior is the right hand man of the CEO of the agency – Itzick Simon.

Contractors All Risks Insurance
Insurance for National Outline Plan 38 projects
Insurance for Demolition and Rebuilding projects
Insurance for building preservation and
rehabilitation projects
Insurance for turnkey projects
Products Liability insurance
Professional Indemnity insurance
Insurance for property developers
Insurance for building contractors
Protection for financial leverage
Insurance for building reinforcement projects
Insurance for construction of gas and energy facilities
Commercial insurance
Property damage insurance
Third Party Liability insurance
Employers Liability insurance
Loss of profits insurance
Insurance cover for investment property
Insurance cover for holding companies
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
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