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Is it possible to “freeze” a Contractors All Risks insurance policy?


Staff shortages due to the current security situation have led to shut-down of our construction site for two months. Is it possible to freeze the insurance?



Contractors All Risks insurance policies do not contain an option or proviso to freeze the policy. If the works at the site have not yet commenced, the policy can be cancelled and can usually be resumed when the works commence.

If the project works are already underway, even if the construction site is closed, you are still exposed to certain risks of liability to third parties – passers-by, visitors or the surrounding area. In the case of National Outline Plan 38 urban renewal projects involving the reinforcement and extension of existing buildings, where the residents continue to live in the property, things can be much more complicated. The risks of bodily injury to residents or visitors are higher, in addition to the risks of damage to the existing building and the works themselves. Accordingly, it is not only impossible to freeze the policy but it is very important to ensure it remains in force.



Furthermore, most Contractors All Risks insurance policies in Israel contain an exclusion of cover in the event the suspension of the works for more than 90 days.

In other words, not only is it not possible to freeze the policy, but it is also advisable to contact the insurance company and obtain their agreement to continue the cover during the suspension period, in which case additional protection measures may be required.

In general terms, we recommend against completely suspending active project works. It always preferable to maintain the continuity of the works, even to a small extent, and ensure that the site is constantly manned. Even if there is a small team on site, it will be possible to oversee and supervise the site on a regular basis, and by doing so you will avoid breaching the policy conditions by completely suspending the works.

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